I know is too late, blue baby,
I know is late as usual in my life,
And is not a pretext at all to have found you
When I was no longer a child.
I try to be your man, blue baby,
But I coudn´t be The One.

Can you see I have tried?
Yes I tried, but I had to try harder,
Cause this is that thing that people expect, blue baby,
And they could wait for it until they died,
But I have had it with you,
How could I let you go and not be faster?

My heart wanted to synchronize with yours,
And I really thought he could do it,
Because you made the strings of my soul vibrate,
Because you gave me the perfect clues
To be free, to be new
But I still let it get late.

about Rita Cerezo

Tonalá Chiapas (sine data). Afortunadamente me topé con los mitos antes que con los cuentos de princesas, y con Poe antes que con Corín Tellado; eso me llevó a aprender Latín, Griego y tratar de ganar almas para los dioses olímpicos entre los desorientados adolescentes de la UNAM. Lo de escribir fue un vicio que empezó muy temprano, actualmente estoy en tratamiento en un grupo de apoyo, no para dejarlo -ya vi que es imposible-, sino para degustarlo mejor.

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